Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Loaded Post!

So here is the latest and greatest on the Clegg family of Snoqualmie, Washington...

We now have a HEAD Men's Coach in the family!

Garrett has been offered the job at WSU, in Pullman, Wa. We are so excited! He has already started and the kids and I are here...

We NEED to sell this house! So that we can all move over to Pullman together. Right now we are living 4 1/2 hours away from each other. Not ideal, but you do what you've got to do.

And in other news...
Clegg baby #4 will be arriving sometime around March 15th. As if things aren't crazy enough, let's have another baby! We are really excited about this to say the least. The kids can't wait to have a baby brother or baby sister. And this time we aren't going to find out the gender. Let's try something different and be surprised!

And that leads us to the last big change...good bye Honda Accord, you've been so faithful and a trooper, but you're OLD!!! Hello Honda Odyssey!

Yup we are now a mini-van family. I always said that I would NEVER get a mini-van...but 4 kids sort of requires one. And what do you know...I LOVE IT!!!

Yeah, so that's pretty much it. Lots of news on the homefront. All good things though!

WSU football weekend

We spent the long Labor Day weekend in eastern washington. We went to the WSU football game, played at some parks, swam and soaked up the sun! It was really fun!

You might be asking....why are you suddenly Coug fans...? I will let you know soon!

Sophie gets a 1st Day!

Sophie has started PRESCHOOL!!! This has been a long time coming too. She wanted to go two years ago when Grace went. And now it's all her own! She has to wear a dress every day and runs in without even so much as a see you later mom. She has Miss Leslie and Miss Sandy and could NOT be more in her element! Stop growing up!