Sunday, April 15, 2012

Baby's First Sunday at Church

LOVE LOVE LOVE this chubby cheeked baby! We ventured to chruch today for the first time since Chloe was born. About time too...she is 6 weeks old on Thursday!!! I managed to survive the day too. Which is saying something since Garrett was out of town!! All the kids were cute in their new Easter dresses, but our little Chloe stole the show!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nothing new...just Cute Kids!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these kids!

Easter Egg Hunt

The city of Pullman puts on an Easter Egg Hunt every year. It's usually snowing out, so I've heard, but not this year. It was a little cold...hence the critter hats the kids are wearing, but it was sunny and there were eggs filled with candy to motivate the kids!

Love these cute kids! I was so glad that Garrett was around to help today too. It's a lot with 4 kids...I know it will get easier once Chloe isn't so newborn. LOVE IT!

p.s. the candy is all gone too! Even the giant chocolate bunny. Looks like the Easter Bunny will have to make a stop at our house didn't get any candy!!

House updates has been a while since I showed some of the progress on the house...needless to say...A LOT has happened since I last took pictures. Here is the rundown:

HVAC - Done
Electrical - Done
Plumbing - Done
Windows - Done
Roof - Done
Insulation - Done (except the loose fill stuff they will blow into the attic)
and we are cleared for sheetrock and siding starting MONDAY!!!! (Which is April 9th)
View up the stairs to the 3 bedrooms and two baths.
View from the dining area into the kitchen
View of Great room (and Brady) complete with the fireplace installed even!
View of the downstairs Family room. To the left is the 5th bedroom and bathroom. To the right will be the wetbar and slider to the backyard. We will have a walk-out basement!

Things are happening super fast. The siding and outside window trim will be going up this week too and hopefully the porch and deck with be built too. The sheetrock and mudding/taping will take about two weeks then PAINT!!! We have finalized all the flooring and cabinets are being made too. We also ordered the counter tops and all the plumbing fixtures. And we have purchased lights. We still have about two months, but that's nothing!

On another note...the house we are renting has sold and we have to be out by May 1. Isn't life great!!! And our house isn't going to be done until mid-June. We have found a potential short term rental through our bishop here and hopefully that will work out. Otherwise who knows!!! We might be living in our tent for a couple months! Ha Ha Ha!

Chloe at 1 month

I can't believe how fast time is going by...where did the month of March go? Chloe is a month old already. She is adorable! It's hard to imagine life when she wasn't in our family. She is a great eater a great sleeper and LOVES to be held! She loves to ride in the car and can put herself to sleep with the kids running and being crazy around her. She has even been sleeping 5-6 hours in the night. Seriously an amazing baby. WE LOVE YOU CHLOE!!!

PEEWEE Soccer & Brady

Brady has started playing soccer! We signed him up for a peewee soccer class on saturday mornings. It's totally lame and cheesy, but he LOVES it! He wakes up on saturday and gets his soccer clothes out first thing. It's so cute! He will stop and wave at us and even come run over and say, "I'm doing a great job." It's hilarious! He does have it outdoors on a real soccer field, but we've been having the worst weather so they moved it indoors instead of canceling it.

Introducing Chloe Clegg

Here I am at the hospital bright and early Thursday morning, March 8th. We had to be there by 5am...and scheduled to have the baby at 7:30am. We didn't know what we were having, boy or girl, and were SUPER excited to get her here!

There was a delay to the scheduled delivery time, due to an we sat around for a couple extra hours...just pumping me full of fluids and antibiotics.

Here is the story in pictures.

Here is my last prego picture that I will ever have taken...I hated having my picture taken while pregnant...everyone knows how big I get...we don't need to document it. I gained about the same with this pregnancy as all the rest...about 40lbs...but at the very end I actually surpassed Garrett's weight...that was a sad day for sure! I was retaining a TON of water though. And at my two week post-partum check-up was already down 25lbs. WOOHOO!!!

I have always told Garrett that he couldn't watch the delivery of the baby because I have c-sections and I didn't want him to see my insides...but this time was different. The doctor told him that he could call the gender when they delivered the what the heck...they delivered the baby and he said, "It's a girl, it's a girl." I was shocked. I totally thought it was a boy. But we are happy with a completely healthy baby no matter what...and CHLOE was a healthy, big baby at birth.

Giving those lungs a good workout!
Welcome Little one!!

Chloe Clegg
arrived on March 8, 21012 at 10:46 am
She was 8lbs. 4oz
She was 18 3/4in long.

Her first bath.

Garrett getting to cut the cord. This was the first time he was able to do this...and the last.
Just after delivery they let me snuggle her for a moment. I was still being operated on and had to stay for a while longer...but I got to give her a smooch!
Our biggest baby yet...8lbs. 40z. During the delivery the doctor said more than once, "this is a big baby." Who knows where I put her...I was HUGE, but still...where was she?
Baby's first bath.
Dad getting to hold Chloe post bath and cord cutting!
Mom getting a chance to hold Chloe for the first time about 45 mins. after her birth! There are a lot of post-op things for mom and baby.
Our biggest sister!
Big Brother Brady! He was super funny for the first few days calling Chloe "baby Parker" instead of "baby Chloe." You see...he had already named the baby Parker. I thought we were having a boy and that is what he decided long ago to name the baby. So he had a hard time wrapping his head around baby Chloe being a girl! It was really funny!
The 4 Clegg kids! Gotta love these cuties!
Baby Chloe in dad's arms!
The Girls
Here we are heading home Saturday morning. I was only in the hospital for a little over 48 hours...amazing for a c-section!

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I realize that I am WAY late in posting these pictures, but life here at our house has been crazy for the last little while...I wonder why?!!?

Garrett surprised the girls with roses...even Rachael got some!!! And the kids got some treats and some legos.