Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Happy Easter from the Clegg Family!

We ventured out once again to Pullman's annual Egg Hunt and "the Spider Web" park.  That is what the kids call it anyway!

TONS and TONS of eggs are sectioned off based on age.  Chloe had her own hunt even!  Brady was all smiles waiting for the buzzer!  Garrett stayed with Brady and I took Chloe up the hill to the little kids egg hunt.  Then about 5 minutes later, Grace and Sophie had their turn!  It's always a great time!

Pure JOY on this little guy's face as he races for eggs! The joys of being 4!

Sophie is in the middle in a BRIGHT PINK shirt!  I couldn't locate Grace in the mad dash of kids...bummer!

We also got to tour an ambulance after the hunt.  The kids thought that was kind of cool...they were eager to get out and eat their candy!

Brady LOVES fire engines though.   He had time to check this one out!

And of course the next morning the kids weren't disappointed when they woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had made a stop at our house...with MORE candy (and maybe some new undies for each kid - he is practical too!)

The Easter Bunny also set up another egg hunt just for our kids throughout the downstairs and playroom.  The kids LOVED it! It would have been so fantastic if I had actually been able to get a great picture of them in their easter outfits...but 9am church does not allow for much free time...then the kids get out of their church clothes so fast after's unreal!  Oh well.

Sunnyside Elementary Spring Musicals

The girls' elementary school puts on spring musicals every year.

Grade participated in the 2-3 grade musical
Sophie participated in the K-1 grade musical

They were both totally crowded and hard to get a good seat.  I had to take pictures for Grace's memory book for her class and that was even more complicated since Garrett was out of town.  But somehow I managed!

I think it's great to have the kids in music class in school and I also think it's great that they can perform some of the things they have been working on during the school year...I HATE that the teacher push political agendas on the kids though.  Grace's musical was all about saving the planet and earth and recycling...all good things...but they way it was presented made you feel like you just left a political rally.  Oh well.  Hopefully next year will be better.

Sophie's musical was about being in school, with songs like "nobody likes a tattle-tale."  It was cute and the kids did a wonderful job!

 Some of Sophie's little friends, Bri and Emma.

Love this action shot of Sophie belting it out!

Chloe is One!

A certain little girl had a big birthday in March...I cannot believe it!!!!!

She is such a little lover!  I can't get enough of her cheeks!  

She actually HATED her cake!  I thought she would go all out and dig right in...but not a chance..she would hardly even sink one finger into the frosting.  Even when dad came along to help she still wouldn't touch it.  She wanted mom's camera more!

We love this little one more and more each day.  She has all 5 of us wrapped around her finger!

Here are her stats:
Height 29.5 (60th)
Weight 22.2 (75th)

 This face says it all!

Opening presents.  All the kids wanted to "help" her open them.  They of course really just opened them for her!  She didn't get much, but as you can see that was totally ok, since she is playing with a card anyway!