Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butterfly Garden

On our way to our final destination of Parkside, BC we made a little the Butterfly Gardens.  It was actually really cool.  Grace was a little scared though.  For some reason she really, really likes bugs, but is deathly afraid of them.  Who knew?!?

This dove was sitting on her eggs.
HUGE caterpillars.
Garrett took some great pictures of the butterflies that were EVERYWHERE.  There were also tropical birds, frogs and pink flamingos.  They have over 400 pupae delivered weekly.  And you can actually watch them hatching.

Funny stuff!  Garrett was the sweetest during our trip...he had two land on him.

Brady was teasing this bird and it was trying to peck him.  It was hilarious.  Brady has no fear.  And apparently the bird doesn't either.  He must be used to people bugging him.

The Forest Cottage

Our home away from home was Beach Acres Forest Cottage #55
Even though we had two cases of pink eye, and a toothache that require antibiotics...and not to mention we all came down with a cold...we ENJOYED every minute of our little cottage.  We were a short walk to the beach, the pool and the playground. We cooked our own seafood feast one night and had a blast in the beautiful sunshine for three days!

We will be headed back here for sure!

Chloe didn't like the wind at all.  Garrett was trying to protect her from it.  She ended up having the last say and we had to leave for the night.  Oh well.  We spent two more days out there while she napped in the wrap carrier.

Holding hands!  I LOVE it when they aren't arguing! 

Road Trip to Vancouver Island

Garrett had to work over on Vancouver Island, near Parksville BC, over Mother's Day weekend. So instead of hanging out in our small MIL apartment on the farm, we decided to make it a family trip.  We found some amazing cottages to stay in and reserved our ferry spot and off we went!

We spent the night in Mt. Vernon and got up early the next morning to catch our 8:30am ferry from Anacortes, WA *(USA) to Sidney, BC (CANADA).

It was a two hour ferry ride and the kids LOVED it.  We floated along through the San Juan Islands.  The weather was sunny and calm.  Gorgeous day to be on the water.  We checked out the rescue boats and even watched for seals. (sadly we didn't see any this time around)

 Here we are waiting in the car to board the ferry. We have all been on many ferry rides before, but this one was by far the longest.

 Our cutie was wide awake and making us all giggle with her funny faces.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this little girl!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE these two girls too!

 Seriously the cutest boy EVER!

Gorgeous Day!

Chloe at 2 months

Our happy little girl at 2 months old

She is such a good baby.  Sleeping 7-8 hours at night and smiling at EVERYONE, especially Grace.  Grace can get HUGE smiles out of her.  She is still a champion eater!  Her stats are proof!  She is also starting to mimic our facial expressions.  And she loves to stick out her tongue.

12lbs 4oz.
23.5 in.

That means she has grown 5 inches in two months and gained 4 lbs. HOLY CRAP!!  

She is starting to take two long consistent naps too.  

She is so sweet and everyone at our house is totally in love with her!

Misc. Spring Happenings

We have been having a very low key, sort of, spring!  It has been filled with soccer, ballet, new babies and ANIMALS!

We are still waiting on our house to be finished too.  And while we are on schedule for June 15th, our rental house has been sold and we are forced to move twice in 6 weeks.  The only good news is that our new little mother-in-law that we are renting in the interim is on a farm.  The is the most amazing news for three little ones and a dad that are part of our family.  There are over 20 horses (one of which is expecting a colt any day now), goats (including 5 babies, 3 of which have been born in the three days we've lived there), chickens, a dozen or so dogs and cows.  It's awesome out there!

Sophie has learned to ride a bike without training wheels!
Brady is as crazy as ever.
And Grace is taking up a collection of ladybugs.  Not to mention her pupae she brought home from school.  They have been learning the life cycle of the meal worm.  Joy for me (NOT) but Grace LOVES LOVES LOVES bugs.

 Here is our adopted pet...Munchie!  He will almost come in the house if we open the door.  He gets handfuls of rice chex.

 Exploring the farm
Petting an adorable baby goat that was only hours old

 Grace petting one of the dozen or so dogs that live and run around on the farm.
 Brady has been known to play dress up and and then promptly fall asleep in random positions.  This kid plays hard and crashes hard.  I honestly don't know how he's even sleeping in that position...oh well.  Mr. Incredible is pretty cute though!
Another day of dress up..glasses from Grandma and his Italian dictionary from Dad. Seriously hilarious!

Hope everyone else is having a great spring!

Grace's 1st Grade Music Concert

Grace had her 1st Grade music a concert in April.  They have spent the last school year learning a variety of folk songs.  They even learned some square dances and hang gestures to go along with them.
Grace's favorite song was called "Old Dan Tucker."

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old man
He washed his face in the frying pan
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel
And died of the toothache in his heel

Get out the way for old Dan Tucker
He's too late to git his supper
Supper's over and dishes washed
Nothing left but a piece of squash

Old Dan Tucker went to town
Riding a mule and leading a hound
Hound barked and mule jumped
Threw old Dan right over a stump

Get out the way for old Dan Tucker
He's too late to git his supper
Supper's over and dishes washed
Nothing left but a piece of squash

 Grace and her good friend Jayden

Loved every minute of the singing!  Grace was so cute!