Saturday, May 12, 2012

Misc. Spring Happenings

We have been having a very low key, sort of, spring!  It has been filled with soccer, ballet, new babies and ANIMALS!

We are still waiting on our house to be finished too.  And while we are on schedule for June 15th, our rental house has been sold and we are forced to move twice in 6 weeks.  The only good news is that our new little mother-in-law that we are renting in the interim is on a farm.  The is the most amazing news for three little ones and a dad that are part of our family.  There are over 20 horses (one of which is expecting a colt any day now), goats (including 5 babies, 3 of which have been born in the three days we've lived there), chickens, a dozen or so dogs and cows.  It's awesome out there!

Sophie has learned to ride a bike without training wheels!
Brady is as crazy as ever.
And Grace is taking up a collection of ladybugs.  Not to mention her pupae she brought home from school.  They have been learning the life cycle of the meal worm.  Joy for me (NOT) but Grace LOVES LOVES LOVES bugs.

 Here is our adopted pet...Munchie!  He will almost come in the house if we open the door.  He gets handfuls of rice chex.

 Exploring the farm
Petting an adorable baby goat that was only hours old

 Grace petting one of the dozen or so dogs that live and run around on the farm.
 Brady has been known to play dress up and and then promptly fall asleep in random positions.  This kid plays hard and crashes hard.  I honestly don't know how he's even sleeping in that position...oh well.  Mr. Incredible is pretty cute though!
Another day of dress up..glasses from Grandma and his Italian dictionary from Dad. Seriously hilarious!

Hope everyone else is having a great spring!