Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas from the Cleggs


We spent a fantastic night at home Christmas Eve with some great friends and great food!
We opened our annual gift of jammies, got a plate of cookies and carrots ready for Santa and sent the kids off to bed!

Santa did not disappoint this year!  In fact he might have gone a little overboard!
Chloe's stash included a shopping cart, coloring book, clothes, candy, 2 pair of shoes and a box of crayons among other things.

Sophie has legos, ponies, a scooter, clothes, and a batgirl costume

Grace also has a scooter, legos, clothes and a batgirl costume

Brady has a scooter, legos, clothes and Skylanders

Mom and dad's stash included simple things like weights, a yoga mat, slippers and a new hose

Here is where Santa went a little overboard...
a new computer and a telescope

The kids were so thrilled that they didn't even know where to start...Chloe didn't have a problem starting...her new mini mouse bike is exactly her size!

Merry Christmas!  
Hope that you all fed Santa and Rudolph and that they visited everyone too!

Holiday Happenings

We had some wonderfully fun things happen around the Holidays this year.  We weren't planning on traveling for Christmas so Gma Annie and Gpa came to Pullman to spend a few days before Christmas with us.  It was great!

They went and had lunch with Grace and Sophie at school

Garrett had a quick little layover during the Holidays in SLC and he was able to grab lunch with all of his siblings and parents!  I missed out!  Oh well!  It was great!

Brady's note to Santa...if you can't tell, he wants Legos, crayons and beyblades
(he randomly wrote the letters all over the paper)

Some of our Holiday decorating

Some of our elf on the shelf's holiday decorating

Of course Butch's Bash is a HUGE hit!
This year the face painting was unreal!

Chloe was so tired out from her rough little life, she couldn't even stay awake for finish dinner

And more lights with Gma and Gpa in Lewiston!

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas Season!  We love being together as a family and are so grateful for all of our blessings!

Grace's Holiday Piano Recital

Dec. 23, 2013
Grace's Holiday Piano Recital

Joy to the World
O Come, Little Children

Her introduction and playing was flawless...she didn't even seem nervous at all!

Brady's Preschool Program

Dec. 20, 2013
Parks and Rec Preschool's Christmas Program

Songs included:
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Sally Snowflake
Snow, Snow, Snow

The kids all wore elf hats and homemade jingle bell bracelets.
Brady even managed to NOT pick his nose through the whole thing!

What a handsome little man!

O Christmas Tree

Meet Nordman!

Our Friday after Thanksgiving tradition: putting up the tree!

Signed, sealed and delivered to our door...after a quick spa treatment!
Let's hope it doesn't die too quickly!

Thanksgiving Clegg Style

We were super low-key this year.  Especially since Grace's birthday was on Thanksgiving.
We went to see Frozen the day before, went to Spokane Thanksgiving Day and just spent time together as a family.

It was great!

Frozen was so cute and the kids LOVED it!

Of course staying overnight in a hotel and swimming doesn't disappoint either! (Garrett was even able to enjoy one of his favorite Thanksgiving traditions: BLACK FRIDAY)

A Thanksgiving Birthday

We officially have a 9 year old in the Clegg house!  WHOA

Grace's birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year.
We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and of course a Thanksgiving dinner for lunch...then headed up to Spokane for a night of swimming and black Friday shopping.

A couple weeks later (Dec. 7) we had a friends party for Grace.  The golf team built a huge blanket fort and the girls watched Polar Express, drank hot chocolate, at s'mores (grace wanted that instead of a cake) and giggled and giggled!

The party favors for the hot chocolate bar