Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sunnyside Elementary's Family Fun Night

Grace and Sophie attend Sunnyside Elementary School here in Pullman.  This happens to be the same name of the school that Rachael attended when she was in elementary school in Minnesota.

The school puts on a fundraiser every fall called Family Fun Night.

We bought tickets for food, games and fun!

 Here the kids were bouncing on a giant twister board!  So fun!

 The girls chose to do the cake walk.  It was fun while it lasted, but it's always sad when your number isn't called and you watch other people walking away with the cake!!!
 And of course they all wanted their faces painted!

 Well, all except Chloe got their faces painted.  What a cutie!
Show me your cheeks!!!


 I know that I am biased, but I think we have some pretty cute kids at our house!  And then when they get all dressed up for Halloween, I can hardly stand it!

Chloe was able to wear out little chick costume that first made it's Halloween debut when Grace wore it for her first Halloween.  Since then Sophie wore it, and our cousin Kennedy wore it.  Only fitting that Chloe could wear it too!
I just LOVE this costume.  Chloe on the other hand, HATED it.  Oh well!

 She is still cute!
 She was chasing after the camera...

 Sophie chose to be "Fancy Nancy."  We had all the fancy clothes already.  Sophie LOVES fancy, sparkly, poofy, frilly, you name it, clothes and the week before Halloween Garrett took her shopping for accessories!  She was in heaven.
 Brady is all about super heros, so he just picked something out of the dress-up closet.  Spiderman was the winner!  He LOVES spiderman!
And Grace was the trickiest yet..she said she wanted to be an orca whale...what the what?  How is the world am I going to make that???  I decided to get a black hoodie and sew fleece in various places to make it look like an orca.  Then i sewed teeth inside the hood and eyes on top.  I also added a HUGE dorsal fin to the back of the sweatshirt.  It was actually easy and Grace LOVE LOVE LOVED it!  And that is all that really matters anyway!

We had dinner with some friends and went around their neighborhood.  There were hardly any other kids around so the people were giving out handfuls of candy.  The kids made a haul!  It was 60 out and a fantastic time was had by all!!!

Halloween in 2nd Grade

I was able to attend Grace's Harvest Party at school on Halloween.  The kids played bingo, ate yummy treats and decorated sugar cookies.  I made the sugar cookies and helped out with the decorating station.

It was great to be in Grace's class with the other kids and their parents!

 The cookie station!

 My little orca whale!  Love this girl!

 Grace and one of her classmates, Jacob.

Grace and another of her classmates, Sehra

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Kindergarten Halloween Party

Here is what Halloween looks like for a class full of Kindergarteners...and one teacher dressed up like Coach Leach!  HILARIOUS!  Miss Hood is so cool!!!  And especially cool since she has the associate head coach's son in her class!

We ate snacks, made puppets and painted pumpkins!  All-in-all a great party!

Kindergarten field trip to Turkey Farms

In October Rach was able to accompany Sophie on her first school field trip EVER!

We went to Turkey Farms.  WSU's orchard.  It was cold and rainy.  So a total bummer, but the kids learned tons about a full working orchard.  We picked apples, raspberries and asparagus.  We also learned about all the critters like rabbits, mice, bees and hawks that live at the orchard.  

It was fun to be with Sophie!

 Sophie and her good friend Hayden listening to the tour guide.
 Picking apples

 Picking raspberries

 Sophie's class.  Her teacher is Miss Hood, who is fantastic, by the way!
Our whole group!

Pics in the Wind

We had a wonderful 65 degree day a few weeks back and I decided that if I wanted some cute pictures of the kids I would have to take advantage of the sunny weather.  It got windy though as we were taking pictures.  I settled on a nice wheat field near the house and snapped a few shots!

I LOVE these kids and LOVE LOVE LOVE how much they love each other!

Chloe at 7 Months

 Here is the cutest 7 month old EVER!!!  She is just the best baby.  None of us can get enough of her..but watch out...someone is learning to crawl!