Thursday, August 30, 2012

More lost teeth!

Since we have had a crazy busy summer and start of school to gear up for, the tooth fairy totally missed two of Grace's lost teeth!  How could that fairy do that?

She actually LOVES keeping her lost teeth.  Who knows why, but that's how she rolls!  She has them stashed in a bag on her bookshelf.

Grace wrote the tooth fairy a note last night and explained everything.  She even wanted to make her a deal.

The tooth fairy didn't disappoint this morning either!  Two $2 bills!  WOW!!!

Here is her note!  The fairy wrote back and made a deal with Grace.  She can keep her teeth as long as there is no more whining.  We shall see!


Lentil Festival

Happy Lentil Festival Everyone!  Yes, Lentils!!!  World's largest lentil festival right here in Pullman!!!

We ate lentil chili (not a fan), met Spongebob square pants (Brady LOVED it) and saw a parade (everyone loved it)!!!

It was HOT HOT HOT!  We ate otter pops and had a blast.  Garrett's team marched in the parade and at the last minute decided to have the kids walk with them.  Lots of teams marched in the parade, including the football team and new coaching staff.  They are sort of celebrities here in Pullman.  The kids LOVED being in the parade!

Cougar football.  GO COUGS!

The Sand Dunes Beach

The week before school started Garrett took an afternoon off of work and took us all to the Sand Dunes.  It's a little ways off along the river.  The sand goes out into the river for FOREVER!  It was sort of like spring break though.  There were tons of college students there.  We stayed far away from their drinking games on tables that were set up in the middle of the river.

The kids LOVED every minute of it.  I DID NOT LOVE the sand that ended up everywhere possible!!! 

LOVE making memories!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brady starts Preschool

 Today was Brady's first day of preschool!  To say he was excited is an understatement!  He layed out his clothes last night and was the first one up this morning.  Garrett couldn't be there to take him today so he took Brady out for donuts this morning!
 I LOVE this little boy!  He is so smart and adventurous...and totally does things that most 4 year olds don't get to do...he's got two older sisters and plays with all the neighbor kids.  How can I say no to that!?!
 BUT...he can be a stinker!  AND sometimes I want to throw him in the garbage!
 Handsome guys!
 So I totally didn't even cry when I left him at school.  But now that I am posting these pictures I starting to get teary!  How come kids have to grow up.  Is it bad that they are excited to leave you and go to school?  Maybe that's why it's easy to let them go..because they are SOOOO excited about it!
Yeah for preschool!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sophie's First Day of Kindergarten

 Our sweet little Sophie Elaine started Kindergarten today!  I can't believe that we have two kids in school!!!  And Brady starts preschool on Tuesday...what am I going to do with myself?

She picked out her skirt, PINK of course and her shoes (she did initially choose a pink shirt, but there needs to be some variety, right?)!  She LOVES curly hair too, just like Grace.  She is all grown up!

 Sophie has AM kindergarten, so she gets to walk to school with all the big kids.  We have an amazing group of kids on our street alone and we have all been walking together each morning.  And actually home each afternoon too.  I have really great memories of walking to school with my friends and I'm so excited for our kids to be able to do this.  It's a mile walk round trip, up and down hills both ways, so it's great!  I have been making the trip at least twice a day and now I'll be adding a third trip to pick up Sophie.

 Here is the whole crew.  We have pretty much the same core 8 kids every day with others here and there!  SO.MUCH.FUN!

 This is Sophie's friend Hayden.  They were in preschool together and we moved three houses down. They are in the same kindergarten class this year too.

 I drop all the kids off at the top of the hill looking down onto the playground.  They like to get to school 15 minutes early to have morning recess.  So they all walk down the stairs together and hang out until the bell rings.  Then they line up on their grade-colored star.  Sophie's star is the very first red one in the line up area.

 Sisters!  Today was a bandana spirit day, hence then bandana.  Grace is a great big sister!
 Good-Bye Mom!!!
 LOVE YOU MOM!  So glad that they aren't embarrassed of me!
 The day before school started we got to go the school for Kindergarten orientation. Garrett was able to come with too.  He and Sophie holding hands walking in.  Sophie is such a daddy's girl!  And Garrett LOVES to be involved when he is around.
 Sophie's locker.  She shares with Rachael, a girl in her class at church.
Here she is sitting at her desk coloring her hand. The teacher will use these in her attendance taking.

Good luck Sophie!  You will have a GREAT year is Miss Hood's Class!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2nd Grade

Grace starts 2nd Grade today at Sunnyside Elementary School!  She is so excited!  She jumped out of bed and did a fist pump this morning!  She made her bed, got dressed and promptly told me what she wanted in her lunch today.  She chose bologna sandwhich, pears, fish crackers and a treat.  Hopefully she can eat it all!

We all walked to the school together this morning too.  Sophie is starting Friday and Brady starts next week.

The night before school started we went to the ice cream social.  We dropped off the kid's school supplies and found explored their classrooms.  AND of course we ate ice cream.  It's going to be a great year.  Grace has a lot of friends in her class and she has a lot of new friends to make.  Three kids in school two mornings a week...what am I going to do with myself!

 LOVE LOVE LOVE my family!

 (P.S. I have totally taught myself how to french braid and I am really excited about it! Just thought you all wanted to know!!! I have three's about time I learned how to do it, right?!)