Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Seattle Mariners

We headed to the Seattle Mariner's Game last night for family night with two of my very best girlfriends and their families. It was so much fun. The kids really did great too. We ate Ivars fish and chips and had licorice and watched an awesome game.
Grace and Garrett
Me, Sophie and Brady (who LOVED the licorice, by the way! He was eating a blue one here.)
Two of my best girlfriends, Alea and her adorable brown eyed Cami. Me and Brady and Amber, who has Ava and a little boy on the way.
Here is the whole group. Alea's husband Zach and Amber's husband Daniel is at the end of the row.
Brady is IN LOVE with hats right now. So Garrett took him to the Husky Shop and they picked this "Lil Husky" hat out together. He even woke up this morning and that was the first thing he asked for..."hat?" He is so cute!
Sophie and Bubs...what little cuites.
Here is Ava, this little girl cracks me up...she was showing me her blue tongue...she was eating the blue licorice too.

It was a great night for a baseball game and the Mariners won, that always makes it better!

Deception Pass Getaway

This past weekend we decided to take a little road trip...up to more northern parts of the Mount Vernon and Anacortes, Washington.

Deception Pass is SOOO beautiful! If you are ever in Washington it is a must see! We spent all day there and had a picnic and just spent time together. It was so much fun!

We ate some amazing, amazing clam chowder from this place in Anacortes.
Saw some amazing wildlife. Like these two loons, who swiftly dove under the water and we never saw where they came back up.
We collected tons of rocks. Not really tons, but the kids buckets are sure heavy and we had to bring them home. I think each bucket spilled at least 4 times on the car ride home and yes, each time I had to pick them up!

We wrote our names in the sand. Here is Grace's name before Brady destroyed it. That is actually why we don't have pictures of any of the other names...Brady destroyed them...he is such a stinker sometimes!

There was really cool huge pieces of driftwood everywhere. The kids wanted to climb some too, so here we are on a pile of driftwood. We also found some that we used as a teeter totter. The video below is the kids in action.
We initially drove up to Mount Vernon for the annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Fields and fields of tulips with vibrant colors and smells, or so we thought. Since we have had such an amazingly warm late winter/early spring, the tulips are all past and gone now. We did get to see one field of tulips though and that was still beautiful.

We found this great little creamery and had amazing ice cream. Garrett is always a sucker for ice cream. I didn't really want to stop, but he was driving and somehow we ended up with ice cream. It was yummy too! Grace loves to have hers in a cone and Sophie loves to have hers upside down in a cup and Brady just gets to share. He probably gets the best deal...4 different kinds of ice cream...who wouldn't love that!

Sping Break

Here is what the weather was like for us during spring break week...SNOW!!! We never even had snow accumulate on the ground all winter, then when the kids are home all week, with nothing to snows.

We did go to the aquarium and to see "How to Train Your Dragon." So the week wasn't a total let down. Hope everyone else had a great week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Happy Easter!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter. We had a great time! We went to the zoo for their annual Bunny Bounce and the kids collected a ton of eggs. Then we spent the day on Sunday listening the General Conference and hanging out in our jammies! The kids had a fun day flying kites and eating candy! Garrett hid about 60 eggs for them and they got chocolate bunnies and some new Crocs! Brady busted into his eggs before breakfast.

The Easter Bunny from Minnesota sent some really cool marshmallow guns that are awesome! Thanks MN Bunny!!!
The egg hunt at the zoo was freezing! We were more bundled up for this than we were all winter long. The kids still had fun though.

We are so blessed! We have healthy children and are so happy to be living here in Seattle! We hope that everyone is feeling thankful for their blessings this time of year!