Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Seattle Mariners

We headed to the Seattle Mariner's Game last night for family night with two of my very best girlfriends and their families. It was so much fun. The kids really did great too. We ate Ivars fish and chips and had licorice and watched an awesome game.
Grace and Garrett
Me, Sophie and Brady (who LOVED the licorice, by the way! He was eating a blue one here.)
Two of my best girlfriends, Alea and her adorable brown eyed Cami. Me and Brady and Amber, who has Ava and a little boy on the way.
Here is the whole group. Alea's husband Zach and Amber's husband Daniel is at the end of the row.
Brady is IN LOVE with hats right now. So Garrett took him to the Husky Shop and they picked this "Lil Husky" hat out together. He even woke up this morning and that was the first thing he asked for..."hat?" He is so cute!
Sophie and Bubs...what little cuites.
Here is Ava, this little girl cracks me up...she was showing me her blue tongue...she was eating the blue licorice too.

It was a great night for a baseball game and the Mariners won, that always makes it better!


Alea said...

Awesome Rachel! It was a great night, can't wait to do it again! And now I will steal your pictures and update my blog... :)

Cormorant said...

Fun! Looks like you've been vacationing all over lately!

Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Brady with that had on is toooo cute. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Keep posting the pictures.


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