Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goodbye 2012

This has been a great year for our family!  We LOVE living in Pullman and have been making some lasting friendships!  We are so blessed with family that loves us and supports us!  We could not ask for more!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

Cheers to a fantastic 2013!

Kindergarten Craft Day

Sophie had a morning right before break that was all about crafts!  I went (with three other kids) and did a bunch with her.

It was a lot of fun!

At the Arcade

During Christmas break we took the kids to Zeppoz for some arcade playing fun.  It's small and expensive as far as arcade games go, but it was fun.



Air hockey (Grace and Brady's favorite)
Life-sized Fruit Ninja!  (Garrett's favorite)  He played several times and would get high scores to get tons of tickets.

What Brady bought with his tickets...hilarious!  Drool and all!
Love this kid!

A Clegg Christmas

Santa came and Santa delivered this year!
The kids are great kids!

Brady scored!  
All the kids scored with this amazing lego table!

Garrett scored a super fun popcorn maker!
This little boy got a car and tools for Christmas!  Every boy's dream come true!  He wore his safety goggles and suspenders from his toolbox all day and even the next day.  Then he had his dad load up his truck with wood scraps so he could do some work!  HILARIOUS!

Opening Chrismas Eve jammies.  Our tradition since Garrett and Rachael were kids.

Here is the Santa loot.  Clothes, toys, legos, a hula hoop, dress-up costumes, movies, candy, Wii games and of course oranges!

Our Christmas morning cuties!

One of the best parts of the day was watching the kids open the presents that they had bought for each other.  Garrett takes each kid on a daddy date to pick out something for each other.  Garrett gave them a few hints, but it was mostly their own idea what to get.  So fun.  All the kids love Lalaloopsy and Brady got the girls a mini one and mom and dad got each kid a huge regular sized one.

We spent Christmas Eve with some really great friends.  We had a fantastic dinner and acted out the story of the birth of Christ together.  Garrett was the donkey!!!  And played some fun games with them.  We also made the best triple berry cheesecake for dessert.

We spent Christmas Day at home relaxing and being together as a family.  Our favorite things!
Hope it was as great for everyone else as it was for us!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas from our family!

The Lights of Coeur d'alene

Since Garrett was home a ton during Christmas break we thought we would head out on a family adventure one afternoon.  We picked Coeur d'alene!  Mostly because a Cafe Rio has opened up there and Rach was really, really convincing that she needed that for dinner.  Never mind that it's an hour and a half drive!

We also thought it would be fun to head to the resort and see the light display they do along the floating boardwalk each year.

Cafe Rio was fantastic...BUT the snowstorm that was hitting right then was NOT!

HUGE blizzard!

We (mostly Garrett) had a big talk with the kids before we got out of the car warning them of the floating boardwalk and needing to stay close to us the entire time.  Sophie asked what happens if we fall in the drown was our reply.  She wasn't too keen on getting out of the car after that.

So our best intentions were just that.  We walked around part, a very small part, of the boardwalk in dumping snow with Sophie freaked out of her mind, while Grace was LOVING it and Brady was still not listening to any of our warnings.  Fun times.  We just laughed!!!

Can you see all the snow?  Chloe was a champ all bundled up.  She LOVED it just like Grace!
Next time we will check the weather.  It took us over two hours to get home.

A Belated Birthday Party

Grace turned 8 at the end of November, but since her grandparents were here and her baptism right after her birthday and then her mom going to Hawaii, we weren't able to have a little party for her.  And she wanted one...

So we threw a little cookie decorating party for her the first day of the holiday break.  She invited 6 little girls over for an hour or so and Rach made sugar cookies.

It is crazy having all these squirrelly girls around...but it was so fun!  And Grace loved it!

Samantha, Sehra, Grace, Sophie, Brenna, Lucy, Karly and Alene.
Happy Belated Birthday!

Winter Production

Grace and Sophie are both enrolled at Rising Stars Dance.
Grace in Hip Hop and 
Sophie in Ballet.


They have both been working hard on their routines and had their first production on December 18th.

Grace did her dance to Usher's "More" song.  It was so cute!  They would watch the practice video at home and dance away.
Sophie did her ballet to a classical "Beauty and the Beast" song.  It was super cute!   I just love all the little girls in their tutus!

Side note...I was getting the girls ready for the dress rehearsal the night before and knew that Sophie needed a bun in her hair...but I had NO idea how to do a bun.  So I was you-tubing bun tutorials...I finally found one and used a sock.  Crazy, but it was the best looking bun out there!

The girls with their Instructor Mrs. Keri AND roses from Daddy and Kelli. (Thanks for coming to watch the girls Kelli)

After the performance there was a visit from Santa!!!  The kids got in line and waited their turn to chat with the big man!  Grace was a little nervous and Brady said "Hey, I know you" to him...turns out it was Mr. M, one of Brady's preschool teachers. That kid is hilarious!