Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

The winter months of January through March I call the's just life as normal without too much of anything exciting happening.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner with homework and piano lessons mixed in...just life!

A few weeks ago we tagged along with Garrett on a recruiting trip to Seattle.  Why not!?!?

We went a day early and spent the entire day downtown Seattle.  We went to the science center, ate yummy food (that we don't have in Pullman), visited Pike's Place and rode the Great Wheel.

It was a blast!   The next couple days we spent swimming, shopping and visiting with friends.

A little piece of our hearts will always be in Seattle!

 Our first stop - The Pacific Science Center.

There are so many fun things to explore and figure out.  This mirror was Hilarious!  The kids got a HUGE laugh out of it!

 Tide pools are always a hit!
 Space capsules anyone?
 And of course a trip to the science center wouldn't be complete without visiting the dinosaurs!
Chloe was a little overwhelmed by the T-Rex! She didn't want to get too close!!!
 Giant footprint.  (We actually have a picture just like this one of when Sophie was almost the same age sitting in this exact footprint)
 Brady was so brave in the bug exhibit and held a GIANT HISSING COCKROACH!  I woudn't even do it!  Grace was a little less brave, but still touched it!

 The butterfly house is always fun too!  Butterflys are EVERYWHERE!  Grace was a little scared, but other than that we were super careful not to step on any!

 We also played and played on the climbing structure inside too, since of course it was raining outside.

 Pike Place Market's gum wall.  SOOOOOO gross.  There are millions and millions of pieces of gum stuck to the wall of this hidden alleyway.  People have spelled out names even.  We all stuck our own pieces of gum to add to the disgustingness.  The kids LOVED it!

 And of course the PIG!  Kissed it and all! Maybe it will bring the Clegg family some good luck this year!  Not that we have bad luck, but any luck at all is always a bonus!!!

 Here was THE capstone event.  THE GIANT WHEEL!  Expensive, but fun!  It sits right on the pier overlooking the puget sound.  We got there at dusk and it was fantastic!  SOPHIE was TERRIFIED at first.  But then warmed up to it by the 4th time around.

 Chloe of course was mesmerized the whole time and wouldn't sit still.  But let's face it, when does she sit still?

We had a great time together as a family!  But Garrett will think twice before taking us all along again...especially since we made him late to the course the last day due to a dead car battery in the hotel parking lot!

Sophie is 6!

 Happy Birthday (in January) to our 2nd oldest, Sophie!  What a sweet, spunky, smart and sassy little one you are!

Donuts for breakfast and roses from Grandma!
 Lots of PINK for Sophie.  I don't think there is a day where she doesn't have something pink on her little body!  And some days she is wearing ALL PINK!

 Sophie had a fun little friend birthday party.  We played Candyland and made candy necklaces and ate cupcakes complete with rings for the toppers.  Of course Sophie chose the pink ring!

 Candyland time!

The whole crew!  So much fun!

We sure do love our little kindergartener!