Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sophie is 5!

How are these kids growing up so fast? STOP!!!!

We have another 5 year old in the house! Sophie turned 5 and we had a little party for her! Complete with cake, presents and party favors!

She LOVES anything pink and EVERYTHING princess! She has already worn her cougar cheerleading outfit to one bball game and I'm sure will be wearing it to many, many more sporting events to come!

Sophie LOVES preschool and loves to wear dresses. She is a lot sassy and a lot stubborn. But we'll keep her! Her brother and sister adore her! We love you Soph!

2012 is HERE!

2012 is going to bring some big changes to the Clegg house...and we can't wait!!!

Firstly, this little guy is a Sunbeam...can you believe it!?!? He is so cute and LOVES every minute of it! He is now potty trained (after 4 attempts)! And wants a special treat after every successful time! We are still struggling with #2 in the potty, but that will come!

Secondly, baby #4 will join our family on March 8th! 7 weeks away now...that went by fast!!!

Thirdly, we are building a home! Scheduled to be completed no later than July 15th! We are so excited! We are working with an amazing builder and could not be more amazed at how hard they are already working. We only signed the paperwork two weeks ago and the foundation is scheduled to be poured within the next week. 2 days after signing paperwork they were already excavating.

Pics taken Jan. 7th.

Pic taken Jan. 9th.
We are at a bit of standstill this week as we've had 12+ inches of snow and it's still coming down. I haven't left the house in two days. Hoping to get out tonight though and attend the WSU vs. Stanford Men's bball game. Grace hasn't had school for two days and we're all going a little stir crazy!

More house pics to come as we progress.

Sophie's Preschool Program

Sophie had a fun little program before Christmas with her preschool class. They sang songs and jingled bells. It was really cute!

Christmas with the Cleggs

We enjoyed a very quite Christmas at our house this year. While we miss spending time with family, we really enjoy creating our own memories together.

On Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies for santa and watched the Polar Express and of course opened our traditional pj presents! The kids were so excited this year for Santa was really fun for Garrett and I.

Here we are Christmas morning...all in our new pjs and ready to check out the loot from Santa!
And the loot!!! Santa was very generous to the kids this year! Pillow Pets, hula hoops, books, bikes, candy, candy, candy and some new much more!

One of Sophie's favorites...Sleeping Beauty polly pocket.
A mom and a baby pillow pet for Grace.
And Brady with his new bike!
These were my personal favorites: Critter hats! The kids look so cute in them.

We spent the day playing with our new toys and heading off to church. It was a great day!