Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 is HERE!

2012 is going to bring some big changes to the Clegg house...and we can't wait!!!

Firstly, this little guy is a Sunbeam...can you believe it!?!? He is so cute and LOVES every minute of it! He is now potty trained (after 4 attempts)! And wants a special treat after every successful time! We are still struggling with #2 in the potty, but that will come!

Secondly, baby #4 will join our family on March 8th! 7 weeks away now...that went by fast!!!

Thirdly, we are building a home! Scheduled to be completed no later than July 15th! We are so excited! We are working with an amazing builder and could not be more amazed at how hard they are already working. We only signed the paperwork two weeks ago and the foundation is scheduled to be poured within the next week. 2 days after signing paperwork they were already excavating.

Pics taken Jan. 7th.

Pic taken Jan. 9th.
We are at a bit of standstill this week as we've had 12+ inches of snow and it's still coming down. I haven't left the house in two days. Hoping to get out tonight though and attend the WSU vs. Stanford Men's bball game. Grace hasn't had school for two days and we're all going a little stir crazy!

More house pics to come as we progress.


AM said...

You guys look like you are having so much fun! Andrew misses Brady but has said he is still in his nursery class...little kids are so resilient! Anyways, just want to give my one tip of building a house advice...walk through the house before the electrical light switches get put in - and then mark where you want them to go. We didn't because we assumed the builder would have them put in a normal spot - they weren't and we hated it everyday. Ours weren't anything weird, just when you opened a door and you naturally slapped your hand against the wall, it wasn't the right place...good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Hope it goes really short.