Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Busy Life

We have been super busy lately...not a great excuse for the lack of blogging, but that's reality. So here is a picture-loaded post with all of our happenings from the past month. We have also had the best weather too. 60+ during the days and sunny too. My tulips are blooming already. We have been to the park, the zoo, the lake, gymnastics meets, the golf center at UW and many other things. Enjoy!

Daddy and the kids at Rattlesnake Lake. A short 15 minute drive from our home to the most gorgeous setting. The kids could have thrown rocks in the lake all day...and the dog could have dug them up all day too! We posted some pics of Bitty for Grandma Annie and Grandpa in Spain. Bitty is doing great and here is proof!

Bitty in the water! Grace LOVES her too!

Since Garrett works at UW we can get into a lot of the sporting events for free. So last weekend we packed up the kids and headed to the gymnastics meet. We got dinner and ate in the Golf Center on campus and the kids played and ran and played and ran and played some more. We could only get them to sit still for 5 minutes of the meet, then they wanted more golf time!
Brady LOVES Dr. Pepper. I hate to admit that I gave my 18 month old pop, but hey, no harm once in a while. I rarely get pop too, so if mom can have a treat, then so can Brady, right?!?!
Little Miss Sophie...always the sassy one!
The cute girls! We just love these two!

Here is a rare glimpse of me...i'm usually the picture taker, hence not very many pictures of me. Garrett got a new pair of glasses too and they look very stylish. Quite handsome if you ask me!
Brady is getting his eye teeth right now and last monday he had a fever all day. So the lady at the store gave him a balloon. He sat on this chair sucking on his binkie and got super sad when he lost the balloon to the ceiling. He's such a crazy kid.

Here we are working on Grace's valentine's for her preschool class. The girls thought it was great to glue on the eyes! I thought they turned out awesome!

We have had many great days full of sun and have walked to the park a lot. Just some fun shots of the kids having a blast! They love the park and would play all day. It's so great that we can walk to two parks from our house and have probably 10 more within a couple of miles.

And as if we're not busy enough playing, we are still working on our house. Garrett and I built this great handrail ourselves. We actually copied Hillary and Rob's. Thanks for the great idea guys! Then we stained it and a couple of weeks ago a good friend helped us hang it. Then we passed our final inspection shortly after...SO GREAT!!! WE aren't totally done with the house though. Still have some window trim and baseboards to put on, but we're getting so close. Stay tuned too, because we are fixing up one of our attic rooms into a great playroom for the kids. That is happening in the next couple of weeks. There is never a dull moment around here.

Monday, February 22, 2010


We have had the best spring weather here in Seattle tulips are already blooming! That is crazy considering it's not even March yet. Since is has been so nice, we took the kids to the zoo this past weekend. We found this amazing bird sanctuary that we never knew was there. You just pick up a feed stick and wait to see if you can get one to land on it. Grace was a little scared, but LOVED it! These were taken with our phone since I left the camera at home that day.

And I have a million pics to post of all of our fun times...but that will be for tomorrow...I have the Olympics to watch tonight!