Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We have two little fairies at our house and one brave knight this year!

Here are our pumpkins too! The girls drew what they wanted theirs to look like and then mom helped carve them. They turned out pretty cool!

We have already been trick-or-treating at a church party over the weekend and had a blast. Tonight it's the real deal though and the kids are pumped! Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on us!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pouring Rain & the Pumpkin Patch

Sophie's preschool pumpkin patch field trip was on Friday and of course it was pouring rain. But here in Snoqualmie NOTHING is cancelled due to rain. So we got our rainboots on and pulled out the umbrellas. It was still great. Garrett surprised us and came home for the weekend a day early and was great to have along for the trip!

We went on a hayride, made stomp rockets, ate s'mores and of course picked out our pumpkins. It was so fun and the kids didn't care at all about the rain. They are used to it afterall!

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Launching his rocket.
Sophie was helping blow up the water bottles to be able to stomp more rockets.
The perfect pumpkin! Wish it was the perfect day! Next year for sure we'll have no rain!

Missing Teeth!

Grace lost her first two teeth on Friday. They have been loose for a few weeks now and really, really loose this whole week. But we waited for daddy to be home to do the pulling! Grace was so brave and let him pull out both teeth. Then the tooth fairy visited our house Friday night! We have one seriously cute little 6 year old! Her two adult teeth have already come in behind the two loose ones too, so she's not really toothless.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sophie is learning a ton this year in preschool and having a ton of fun! These ladies run an amazing preschool. Today she came home with a huge scarecrow made out of recycling. She had it all decorated with sparkly beads and of course a PINK hat!

He now sits at daddy's spot at the table! Gotta love it!!!

P.S. and in other news, we SOLD our house!!!! Closing beginning of November! YEAH, now we can live with Garrett again!


Here is our little ballerina! Sophie started taking a pre-ballet class a few weeks ago and seriously could NOT be more in her element! We will be doing classes like this for a long, long time I have a feeling. She wore her ballet outfit for a week before the class even started.

Her first day of class we were able to stay and watch and Garrett happened to be home then too. Sophie never stopped smiling the whole time.
Super cute girls and a great teacher.
Ready for follow the leader and jumps
What a cutie!


Connor, Curtis, Grace, Fiona, Aiden, Cameron and Tom posing with their trophies! Great job Pirates!!!
This was taken at our end of season pizza party! We had a great group of kids and parents and an amazing coach, who happened to be Aiden's mom.
We have had a very busy 6 weeks around here. Good thing for me I only have one kid to get places. Grace has been playing soccer for the Riptide Pirates! She LOVED it!

We had games twice a week, rain or shine and lucky for everyone the very last game was the only rainy one. But boy was it bad...windy and dumping. The field was a puddle and the ball didn't move. But the kids totally had a blast!

Grace scored a goal in almost every game and was the best dribbler by far. There were 7 kids on her team and they were all great kids. The moms on the sidelines were by far louder than the dads. We cheered for the kids like crazy! They play 3-3 and don't keep score. But during any game ask any kid the score and they KNOW it. It's hilarious.

Garrett was able to see only one game, but that night Grace scored 3 goals!!

Way to go Grace!

Family Pics

SO Garrett happened to be home unexpectedly during the week and we had an unexpected non-rainy day that same I called my great friend, Becky, and she was up for taking last minute family pics for us! Luckily I had been thinking about our family pics since August and I had all the outfits ready to go. We just needed the boys to get their hair cut and everyone in the shower. But we pulled it off and they turned out amazing! I love my little family. And you still can't tell that i'm almost 19 weeks, so that's a HUGE bonus!

We had the perfect picture for our Christmas card too. But I'm not sharing that one today. You'll have to wait to get your card in the mail! P.S. I already ordered my cards this week too!

Love these kids!
Love Love this guy!
I can't wait to be over in Pullman with him. Only 3 weeks and we'll be there TOGETHER!!!

These were fun to take! We are crazy and this proves it!
The Boys
The Girls
Garrett Brady 3 years old
Sophie Elaine 4.5 years old
Grace Ann 6 years old (almost 7!)

Thanks Becky!!! (And for any of you locals she is for hire and does an amazing job! I had my pics back the next day!!!)