Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family Pics

SO Garrett happened to be home unexpectedly during the week and we had an unexpected non-rainy day that same I called my great friend, Becky, and she was up for taking last minute family pics for us! Luckily I had been thinking about our family pics since August and I had all the outfits ready to go. We just needed the boys to get their hair cut and everyone in the shower. But we pulled it off and they turned out amazing! I love my little family. And you still can't tell that i'm almost 19 weeks, so that's a HUGE bonus!

We had the perfect picture for our Christmas card too. But I'm not sharing that one today. You'll have to wait to get your card in the mail! P.S. I already ordered my cards this week too!

Love these kids!
Love Love this guy!
I can't wait to be over in Pullman with him. Only 3 weeks and we'll be there TOGETHER!!!

These were fun to take! We are crazy and this proves it!
The Boys
The Girls
Garrett Brady 3 years old
Sophie Elaine 4.5 years old
Grace Ann 6 years old (almost 7!)

Thanks Becky!!! (And for any of you locals she is for hire and does an amazing job! I had my pics back the next day!!!)