Sunday, October 16, 2011


Connor, Curtis, Grace, Fiona, Aiden, Cameron and Tom posing with their trophies! Great job Pirates!!!
This was taken at our end of season pizza party! We had a great group of kids and parents and an amazing coach, who happened to be Aiden's mom.
We have had a very busy 6 weeks around here. Good thing for me I only have one kid to get places. Grace has been playing soccer for the Riptide Pirates! She LOVED it!

We had games twice a week, rain or shine and lucky for everyone the very last game was the only rainy one. But boy was it bad...windy and dumping. The field was a puddle and the ball didn't move. But the kids totally had a blast!

Grace scored a goal in almost every game and was the best dribbler by far. There were 7 kids on her team and they were all great kids. The moms on the sidelines were by far louder than the dads. We cheered for the kids like crazy! They play 3-3 and don't keep score. But during any game ask any kid the score and they KNOW it. It's hilarious.

Garrett was able to see only one game, but that night Grace scored 3 goals!!

Way to go Grace!