Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Park

Garrett is teaching golf camps this week and they do a fun night activity for the campers.  Monday night's activity was the water park in Moscow.  I have been wanting to try it out for a while so we tagged along.  It was a blast!  The kids love swimming!   There was a lazy river, two water slides and tons of splash pad fun!!  Grace was the only child tall enough to do the water slides, so she and Garrett went down it a bunch.  Sophie and Brady sat there and cried watching them.  They totally didn't get that the had to grow taller.

 There was this really cute frog slide and Brady pretty much spent his whole evening there.  He LOVED it!

 Grace is making progress with her swimming too.  Garrett would let go of her in the deep end and she was doing it!  Swimming lessons for sure this fall!

 Dad and the cute babe!

Chloe even got int the water.  She really like it and would kick, kick, kick!  Then the wind would blow and she FROZE!  But she loved being wrapped up in the towel as I carried her around!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Finch Way

We are IN!!!  

As of June 15th we are the proud residents of 910 SW Finch Way!!!

We signed our papers on Thursday and got our occupancy permit on Friday morning.  It's amazing and we still can't believe that the house is ours!  

Chloe and the kids are sleeping like champs and loving all the space to play!

I will post more pictures soon.

For now it's unpacking and getting settled.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my yellow front door!

Circus Circus

The last day of school the circus came to town.  I decided that there isn't much to do in the small town of Pullman, so we needed to take advantage of whatever comes our way.  Garrett wasn't going to be able to join us though...but I braved the circus with three of my friends, who's husbands also wouldn't be joining them, and had a BLAST!

It was raining when we first got there, but it only lasted about 5 minutes.  Then the sun came out and we enjoyed the tigers, bears and elephants!  We also munched on cotton candy.

Waiting for the fun to begin.
Hating the rain!
A group is almost impossible to get 4 kids to look at the camera at the same time.


Seriously who works for a circus...and how do you figure out you can do some of this stuff??>
Are you kidding me?  The tigers were the first act and the kids were GLUED to it.  We actually got front row seats too.
Some of our friends that came with us...they were glued to the tigers too!

There were three motorcycles in this contraption...Brady thought it was awesome. Afterall, he wants to be a motorcycle guy when he grows up!  (Just don't join the circus buddy)

The night ended with the elephants and they were so cute!  When they were entering and leaving the ring the littler one would follow behind holding onto the bigger ones tail with it's trunk.  It was so cute!
This just might be a yearly occurance!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Lost tooth

 Grace lost another tooth!  She has been working and working on getting it to come out, but finally one Friday night Garrett tied it with floss and pulled!  It popped right out!  The tooth next to it on the top is loose and another one on the bottom!

Can't wait for the tooth fairy!!!

Last day of 1st Grade

Grace is now a 2nd Grader!

She finished up 1st Grade with a hike to Kamiak Butte and a picnic to Sunnyside Park!

 Here is her teacher Mrs. Thompson on the last day of school!

 On the last day of school the kids really, really wanted to play UNO before we took Grace.  So silly, but fun!
 Here she is on the morning of the last day!

Preschool Graduation

Sophie is officially going to be a Kindergartener!!!  How did that happen?  I am going to have two kids in school!

She LOVED her preschool this past year.  She learned a lot and made some really fun little friends too!

 Here she is on her last day of preschool.  She was giving that rose to her teacher.

 Here is Mr. M and Sophie
 And here she is with Ms. Jean

 Later that night there was a little graduation ceremony.  They sang songs and wore graduation sashes and hats.  Each child was presented with a diploma too!  And as they were exiting across the front of the stage each child paused to tell the audience what they wanted to be when they grew up...I was trying out our new video camera and actually missed recording bummed...

Sophie said:  "When I grow up I want to be a Sleeping Beauty Princess."  SO CUTE!

Congrats Sophie!  Brady will head to preschool in the fall to Ms. Jean as well.  He is super, super, super excited!

Just Hanging

Our days are filled with playing at the park, going for bike rides, bowling, eating picnics and hanging out with 4 adorable kids!