Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sophie is learning a ton this year in preschool and having a ton of fun! These ladies run an amazing preschool. Today she came home with a huge scarecrow made out of recycling. She had it all decorated with sparkly beads and of course a PINK hat!

He now sits at daddy's spot at the table! Gotta love it!!!

P.S. and in other news, we SOLD our house!!!! Closing beginning of November! YEAH, now we can live with Garrett again!


JasonDebbie said...

Hey youre not officially a nerd until you have a minivan! jk I totally have the same van and love it--so much better gas mileage. its was SOO good to see you and I will totally tell you when I'm coming again, it was just like old times. Except that we have 100x the bags under our eyes from little kids keeping us awake at night. :)

Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

What great posts. Love our little ballerina and what a soccer player. The family pictures are great. We love all of you and are so happy you will all be in Pullman together. Hopefully everyone makes the move well. I am sure you will, it's always better to be a family together.