Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Lights of Coeur d'alene

Since Garrett was home a ton during Christmas break we thought we would head out on a family adventure one afternoon.  We picked Coeur d'alene!  Mostly because a Cafe Rio has opened up there and Rach was really, really convincing that she needed that for dinner.  Never mind that it's an hour and a half drive!

We also thought it would be fun to head to the resort and see the light display they do along the floating boardwalk each year.

Cafe Rio was fantastic...BUT the snowstorm that was hitting right then was NOT!

HUGE blizzard!

We (mostly Garrett) had a big talk with the kids before we got out of the car warning them of the floating boardwalk and needing to stay close to us the entire time.  Sophie asked what happens if we fall in the drown was our reply.  She wasn't too keen on getting out of the car after that.

So our best intentions were just that.  We walked around part, a very small part, of the boardwalk in dumping snow with Sophie freaked out of her mind, while Grace was LOVING it and Brady was still not listening to any of our warnings.  Fun times.  We just laughed!!!

Can you see all the snow?  Chloe was a champ all bundled up.  She LOVED it just like Grace!
Next time we will check the weather.  It took us over two hours to get home.