Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Super Busy Life

I usually get so impatient with people for not keeping up with their blog postings...and now I am the lazy one, or maybe it's just that we are so busy at our house. Either way I have been really bad about keeping this blog updated...hopefully I will be better.

Here are some of the fun things that we have been up to as a family lately:

We or I built a really great bonfire pit on our property and we have been making bonfires all spring long. The kids LOVE it! Grace especially loves them! We make smores too. The kids don't like them all that much, they just like the idea of roasting the marshmallows, then they make Garrett or I eat them

The girls have been in a little soccer class for the last month too. Grace can't get enough of it! Sophie on the other hand is hit and miss. But it's fun. Brady runs around the field trying to steal the soccer balls the whole time. He LOVES any kind of ball. He's such a boy!

We have also been doing a little more golf as a family too. We go out to the UW home course practice facility and putt and chip and fly kites. Yes, I said fly kites.

Brady just loves to golf right now. He is always finding things to go "back and through," as his dad taught him. He has used wooden play knives and marbles, hairbrushes and bouncy and bubble wands and plastic whiffle balls. He is hilarious. The whole time saying "back and through." He does have some real clubs and real golf balls, but I have to put my foot down and they are only outside toys. But he wakes up every morning wanting to golf outside. He tells me too. He is a cutie!

Grace and dad flying kites. She had a great time. It's amazing how being only 2 years older than Sophie, how different and more grown up Grace has gotten in the past year. She is just into different things. I think it's great! Now if we can just get the wind without the rain...


Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Love all the pictures. Such a wonderful family. We sure miss seeing all of you. Thanks for doing two great posts. We love you!

Alea said...

Next time your kids are in the roasting marshmallow but passing the s'mores off mood, let me know :)