Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butterfly Garden

On our way to our final destination of Parkside, BC we made a little the Butterfly Gardens.  It was actually really cool.  Grace was a little scared though.  For some reason she really, really likes bugs, but is deathly afraid of them.  Who knew?!?

This dove was sitting on her eggs.
HUGE caterpillars.
Garrett took some great pictures of the butterflies that were EVERYWHERE.  There were also tropical birds, frogs and pink flamingos.  They have over 400 pupae delivered weekly.  And you can actually watch them hatching.

Funny stuff!  Garrett was the sweetest during our trip...he had two land on him.

Brady was teasing this bird and it was trying to peck him.  It was hilarious.  Brady has no fear.  And apparently the bird doesn't either.  He must be used to people bugging him.


Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Everyone of these new posts are great. Chloe, what a champ, the cottage looks so cute and nice, the kids are all adorable. The farm is great. Wow, loved it all. just need to see a few of the new house, but no worries. What a change from the days of your picture in the West Indies, huh? Love you all