Sunday, June 24, 2012


So...I am totally only posting these pics for future's not really something that i want to relive EVER...but this is where all 6 of us Cleggs lived for 6 weeks while we were waiting for our home to be finished.   We were renting another house, but only signed a 6 month lease.  The owners were going to put it on the market after than and we would just rent month to month.  The house went on the market the day Chloe was born and I had about 10 showings a week the first two weeks home from the hospital...and while I had a newborn and recovering from a c-section too.  Luckily my mom and Garrett were around to help and ton.  I would not have been able to do that without them.  We didn't think the rental home would sell after only 2 weeks, but it did.  So we had until beginning of May and then we had to be out.  There is NOTHING in Pullman to rent unless you sign a year lease either.  We were so lucky to find out that our Bishop's parents live just outside of town and had a 2 bedroom mother-in-law apartment above their barn...and it was vacant.  And they didn't care if we only needed somewhere for about 6 weeks either.  PERFECT!  It was old, but clean and SUPER cramped.  But we can do anything for 6 weeks, right?!?

 The kitchen
 The dining/living room.  We didn't even bring any furniture, just the one chair you see so that I could be comfortable to nurse the baby. We did bring the kid's mattresses though.  But Garrett and I slept on an air mattress.  We lived out of our suitcases and kept our food in boxes.  Basically we camped for 6 weeks.
 The kids LOVED eating on their mini picnic table.  And they LOVED seeing all the animals around the place.  You name it, they had it out there.  Horses (a baby was born while we lived there), goats (5 babies were born our first weekend), chickens, cows, and about 12 little dogs.  The kids seriously would have lived out there FOREVER!
And one of the two small bedrooms.  What an adventure so say the least!!!