Sunday, June 24, 2012

House updates

Here is the house as of May 31st.  All the electrical is finished.  So that means outlets are installed and the light fixtures are ready to go.  The hardwoods are in and the painting/trim work is all ready to go...minus some touch-ups.  Cabinets are all in and the granite is installed.  We are waiting on some big things though still...the railing on the deck and front porch.  The stairs to the front porch.  The kitchen sink.  The carpet. And the landscaping.  But we are still on track for June 15th.  So keep your fingers crossed.

 Here is the downstairs family room.  We added this wet bar and cannot wait to see how much we use it!
 Another view of the basement family room.
 The upstairs living/great room.  We had a HUGE say in every detail of the house and the fireplace turned out exactly as I was envisioning it!  The hardwoods look amazing too!  They are kind of dusty now, but I can't wait to see what they look like all cleaned up.
 A view of the kitchen from the dining area.  Our builders don't usually do painted cabinets, but I really wanted them, so they went for it!  And they turned out awesome!  The only bad thing is that we have 9 foot ceilings and I'm just barely over 5 there is going to have to be a stool in the kitchen FOR SURE or I won't be able to reach anything!
 A view from the top floor where three bedrooms are looking into the kitchen.
Here is the master bath.

I LOVE the wall color that we picked out. It's a beige-ish grey color.  And the white trim adds just the white contrast!  June 15th cannot get here fast enough!