Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday we had an amazing day together as a family. Garrett ended up coming home a couple of days early from his trip and I thought we should just play! The weather was supposed to be nice, like 70 and sunny. Which doesn't sound like much to most of you out there, but we have had 21 days of rain here in the northwest, so we needed to get out and enjoy the sun. So we packed a picnic loaded the car and grabbed our sunscreen.

We did our standard, the zoo. But with some new additions: the meerkats. Super cute! And we also ventured over to the family farm, complete with petting zoo. The kids LOVED it!

Then we headed to an amazing beach that has a little california feel to it called ALKI. We ate our picnic and played in the water and sand. I got to relax while Garrett chased the kids.
It wasn't quite warm enough for swimming though and these little guys filled the water. This unfortunate jellyfish got washed ashore as the tide was going out. It's really fun to live here and experience this and the ocean.
I was so excited to be able to wear my new sandals and show off my pedicure! YEAH for summer. (too bad it's raining yet again today)

We bought watermelon on the way home and on enjoyed a great night at home...all except for SHREK. We went to see that too. The girls loved it, but Brady needs to get a little older before we bring him to the movies again!


Emily K. said...

What a fun day! Wasn't Saturday beautiful? We went swimming, but, at a swimming pool, not the beach.

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manders said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great family day. Love your new shoes and pedi too cute... We need to definetely go to the zoo soon. I am so excited to be home and enjoy a sat evening with my family also. Let's plan for the 3rd or 4th soon.
luv ya

Montana Brandts said...

What a fun day!! Your kiddos are all so stinkin' cute! & I can't believe how big Brady is getting!! & I Love the new sandles & pedicure!!