Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Oregon Coast Camping Trip

I am finally getting around to sharing the pictures from our camping trip we took to the Oregon Coast...and I have to say...We will for sure be going back! We had an amazing time and the kids LOVED it!
Here is our campsite...with water, electricity and our tent, or course. The KOA we stayed at outside of Lincoln City, Oregon was! There was a great playground that every spare second the kids were playing swings, big tires and slides...perfect!
Elvis even performed our first night! It was hilarious! We had yummy ice cream from the Tillamook Factory and danced and sang with Elvis. It was great!

We played and played and played at the beach every day. The girls loved digging in the sand and we found an amazing place with sandy tidepools alongside some rocks and the girls couldn't get enough!
Of course we had some messy kids during the week too. I still think they are cute! Maybe even cuter with all the slime and grime!

Mommy and Brady.
Our cute little boy hiding in the rocks!
We visited some great lighthouses and other attractions too. The scenery is like nothing else. Worth the trip for sure!
And of course the Tillamook cheese factory was a hit and more ice cream was eaten too.
The Sea Lion caves were ok. SOOO stinky! We saw a ton of sea lions during the mostly alive ones, and we even saw a dead one too. Brady kept saying "stinky sea lion" and plugging his nose for the next 3 days anytime he smelled something stinky. It was hilarious!
Grace and Brady plugging their noses in the cave. It really did smell bad.

Here we are at the Yaquina Light House. I love lighthouses. The kids had to be at least 48in. tall to climb it and while Grace is that tall the line was HUGE, so we didn't go up. It was breathtaking though.

And who doesn't love covered bridges? I thought it was fun!

We had a great trip. The kids absolutely LOVED sleeping in the tent in their sleeping bags. It was an adventure but totally worth doing again. Happy Summer!


Ashley said...

Rach- Cute pictures... your kids are getting SO BIG they are so cute!! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever. Hope you guys are doing well! We miss you! Ash
P.S. That RAT makes me want TO PUKE! Oh my gosh... I bet you were dying.