Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Misc. happenings

We have had a busy summer of fun!

Here are a few things:
A pampering baby shower for my good friend Amanda. It was a fun night of friends, pedicures and food!

Canning, canning canning...Applesauce, pears, peaches, salsa, and tomatoes! I only took pics of the applesauce though. The rest is all neatly stacked in my pantry!

I am going to be selling my soap at two craft sales this fall, one in october and one in november. I have been working really hard already getting things ready. This is some of my homemade liquid laundry soap..what do you think? I think they turned out pretty stinkin' cute!
Fishing with Dad. Garrett LOVES to fish and we live on the river so he can go out any time he wants...which isn't as much as he would like...he's so busy...and he's going to get even busier...he is going to be teaching early morning seminary at 6am starting Sept. 7!

Brady and Garrett caught a fish this night too.

My front flower bed is doing amazing. I have a really good friend who works at a garden center and has great tips and things have been blooming!

Sunflowers...this is pretty funny...the kids in nursery brought home some little dixie cups with seeds in them back in march...i watered them and they grew into these beauties! cute!
This is a dwarf forever blooming lilac...and yes...this is the second time it's bloomed! I can't wait until it gets a little bigger!

Bubble Monsters!
Grace didn't want to take a bath this night...she's actually liking showers Brady and Sophie had the whole tub to themselves and it makes a difference to only have 2 kids in the tub instead of 3.

They put in extra bubble bath and were bubble monsters!


Cormorant said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I can't believe you got those great big sunflowers from those little seeds! Nice work, green thumb. :) Your house looks super cute--as do your kiddos!

manders said...

Way cute post, the shower pics turned out way cute thank you again so much it was tons of fun. Love the sunflowers and your adorable house. Bathtime is always so much fun... Great pics and fun summer

Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

Fun posts, all 3. Your house looks great and the kids are so fun to see. Growing up too fast for sure.