Monday, April 25, 2011

A Tulip Festival

So we skipped out on church yesterday and spend the day near Mount Vernon, Wa. at their annual Tulip Festival. We went last year, but totally missed the peak bloom time...we only saw part of one field. Yesterday everything was in FULL bloom and we saw fields and fields of amazingly bright tulips and daffodils. It was great!

And of course what would a Clegg Family outing be without an ice cream stop! We actually weren't planning on getting a treat, just to use the bathroom and we saw MAGNUMs for sale! The best ice cream ever! Very, extremely popular in Europe and I have never even had one here in the states, so of course we devoured them! And Sponge Bob push-up pops for the kids!


Lynnae said...

Your family is so darling! I just love the Tulip pictures.

Poulton Family said...

I love seeing the pictures! I miss you guys. We just got back yesterday! The tulips look amazing. Love ya!

manders said...

love the pics rach looks like a great Easter day. I miss the tulip festival such beautiful colors and perfect for pictures. miss you tons

Hillary said...

Those tulips look amazing how fun! Magnums!! Seriously I have never seen those here. So good.