Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Picnic at Rattlesnake Lake

We had some sunny weather this Saturday so we decided to pack up a picnic and head to one of our favorite places: Rattlesnake Lake. It was a little chilly up there, but the kids still loved throwing rocks in the water. We started eating our lunch and a couple of minutes later a duck was swimming by looking for some free in true Clegg fashion...we couldn't resist!

Pretty soon we were joined by another duck and a crow! The kids LOVED it!

Sophie loving feeding the ducks!

Brady tried to find the biggest rocks or sticks he could find...then would throw them in! Garrett and I took a bet to see which kid would fall in first...we knew that one of them bets were on Brady! We finished up our lunch then went for a walk to the other side of the lake.

Brady showing us on the map where we are.
The water can get really high up here. It was actually really high, but not high enough to cover the trailhead path. The make shift path planks were still there though, so the kids thought it made the perfect balance beam. Check them out...all pros at balancing!

Once we got to the other side of the lake the kids braved the cold water and waded in...and it's all fun and games until...

...someone falls in! He was running around splashing the girls and totally took a nose dive into the water head first. It was hilarious! TOTALLY SOAKED! He had to wear Grace's sweatshirt and just a diaper home.
Such a sad face!


Hillary said...

That is hilarious. I love the line about feeding the animals...that is always how it was w/my Dad. Fun times.

manders said...

Looks like a way fun day love the pic of Brady so sad but too cute...

Talbot Family said...

Beautiful lake! I love the pictures and especially Brady's cute sad face. I just want to squish him. John and I always bet who will be the first to cry *snicker* What a lovely family togetherness.

Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

What a fun day. Brady reminds me so much of his dad. He is such a cute happy boy with bucket tears!! Grace is so grown up, she is such a beautiful young girl and Sophie, she's a looker. We love you all.