Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Memorial Weekend

We had a great Memorial Weekend! It was pretty crappy weather for the most part, but in between rain the sun shone in small amounts and we made the most of it for sure!

We started off the weekend at the little 9hole course by our house. It was crazy, but fun! The kids need to learn better golf etiquette for sure, but it's a start!

Then we did house work/yard work for most of Saturday and Monday.

But first thing Monday morning we headed up to one of my favorite places to hike, Twin Falls. Our kids are getting older now and it's so much fun to be able to do these kinds of things with them. We also brought the dog and she was in HEAVEN.

The kids stopped almost everyone who had a dog and asked to pet it. It was hilarious. And of course Brady slid down part of the path on his bottom. We were all muddy and tired and hungry by the time we finished the 2 mile round trip hike, but we had fun and will for sure do it again this summer!

This girl is all or nothing...she pretty much hiked the trail twice. She would run up so far ahead and then come back and join us to walk it again...and it was mostly uphill. Needless to say she took a 2.5 hour nap later! She would stop and say "take my picture here, this is a good place." And then pose for the camera.
One of the two waterfalls you see on the hike, hence the name; Twin Falls.

Such great buddies! LOVE these kids so much!
Can you tell we just rolled out of bed?

My baby is growing, growing, growing...doesn't she look like a little girl? She is so cute and sweet!
All boy this little one...doesn't care about getting dirty or falling down...full steam ahead!

We really had fun golfing...but the kids were more concerned with the bugs and stuff inside the cups then actually putting their ball.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We miss you all and are always wishing we were closer!