Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Surprise trip to Utah

So about two weeks ago we had to make plans for a quick trip to SLC. Garrett's Aunt Christine passed about sort of unexpectedly after a long time of complications with diabetes. And Grandma Annie (Garrett's mom) made the trip from Spain to be at the funeral and spend a few extra days with all of us. We left on a Friday and drove all night to get there. It was a loooonggg drive, but we made it and were so very glad that we did!

Here are all the Clegg kids and mom. It was sad that Rick couldn't have come home. You were missed for sure! But only a year left! We can't wait!

We spend the entire weekend at the cabin. We spent most of the time riding bikes! The kids LOVED that. We also ate some great food, stayed up way too late playing games and laughed and laughed! It is so fun to have 10 of 12 grandkids (Ally's two boys and husband couldn't make the trip up from Dallas) running around and playing together.

Brady and Cam heading out for a bike ride.
All the kids getting ready for our Sunday morning bike riding session.

Matt brought his slack line. He tied it between two trees and pulled it as tight as he could. The challenge is to try and balance all the way across. It moves up and down and sideways. It was soooo hard. The dads and Zach were out there for a couple of hours messing around on it.

Our "Tough Guys" posing for the camera.
Whenever we head to the cabin Garrett ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS has to stop in Evanston and buy fireworks. We did some on Sunday night in the daylight though. We have so many young kids and the summer days are long, so we improvised. The kids didn't care at all. We had them watch from the back of the truck.
Gorgeous setting!

Sophie and Annie Kate. These two are so.dang.cute together!
We spent the rest of the week in Utah slowly saying good bye to family on Monday, two on Tuesday and Grandma on Wednesday. The kids ran through the sprinklers, ate otterpops and I even took them all to get a hair cut.

We had a fabulous time. Thanks for hosting us Hillary and Rob and thanks for coming to the US Grandma Annie!