Saturday, July 7, 2012

Grandma Annie & Grandpa are Home!

We have embarked on our three week road trip!
Our first stop is Bountiful, Utah.  We have two very special people arriving home from a 3 year mission in Spain.  We now think that the 3 years went by fast!  And it's hard to believe Grandma Annie and Grandpa are home!

We got to Utah a day early, after driving most of the night, to help prepare for their arrival.  We cooked,  cleaned, shopped, did yard work and made signs and banners.

Then we all camped out on Saturday, June 30th for the 2pm arrival.  

 Here are 11 of the 15 grandkids waiting ever so patiently.  This lasted about 2 minutes only, then they were a sight!
 Yes, yes you are cute!
We had all the kids dress in missionary attire. So the girls all wore dresses and the boys white shirts and ties.  Hillary made this adorable missionary tags.  So we had 15 adorable missionaries to greet the grandparents.
 It was so great to see them...I'm sure you could hear the screams throughout the terminal.  Hugs all around and lots of laughter!

 Brady was only 10 months old when they left.  A lot changes in 3 years.  6 new grandbabies in that time and 3 in the last 4 months.

 All of the cousins are such great buds!
 Here is the whole crew!  The Cleggs, the Ashtons, the Poultons (all the way from Texas), the Christiansens, the Cleggs (from Washington) and Gma and Gpa (from Spain!!!).

Now we are on to baby blessings, family pictures and the 4th!  PARTY!