Sunday, July 29, 2012

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Day 3:  San Diego Zoo

Our last day of parks...and it was HOT! And we were tired!  And the zoo is HUGE!  Needless to say crabby times were had by ALL.  But we had fun none the less.

We started off with the petting zoo.  Always a hit with the kids!

This Giant Tortoise is thought to be around 150 years old.  He is named Speedy!  They were really cool to see.

The pandas were also really cool to see.  But this was also the peak of the crabbiness, especially for mom.

We posed for a picture here check out where Brady decided to position himself...hahaha!
LOVE these kids!
So...we needed a break after seeing the elephants.  We parked ourselves in some shade and Garrett went to get us a treat (afterall what's a Clegg outing without a treat) and right next to our table was this statue of a jaguar.  Sophie and Brady went with Garrett and while they were gone Grace was trying soooo hard to climb on top of the statue. They were gone for a good 10 minutes and she was trying, trying, trying almost the whole time.  I wasn't really playing attention and all of a sudden all the people sitting next me started clapping and cheering. I look over and Grace is on top of the statue.  Turns out the 15-20 people...were watching her and were congratulating her on finally making it on top.  HILARIOUS!!!  By this time Garrett was back and all three kids messed around with the statue  and were posing for pictures.  Seriously funny kids!

At the end of the day we took a tour of the zoo on top of a double-decker bus.  The kids did some fun things on our trip and this was a really, really fun seatbelts required...what kid wouldn't love that?!?!
We had a blast with the kids making memories these last three days!  And overall the kids did amazing...especially Chloe who spent a lot of time chillin' in her carseat!  Can't wait to make it back!  Now it's time to get creative with how to spend our days while Garrett is spending 14 hours on the golf course for the next 4 days!