Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Trip to Utah and a baby blessing

So Rachael took the kids on a roap trip at the end of September to Utah and back all by herself!!!

They packed up and made it there in 12 hours, stayed for 4 days then drove home, and made it home safe and sound in another 12 hours!

They all had a fantastic time!  The main reason they ventured so far was to see Rach's parents who were traveling there from MN for the newest grandbaby, Cooper, son of Josh and Paige Beach, Rach's brother.

We also spent some great time with the Christiansen's and Grandma Annie and Grandpa Clegg.

 We made candy necklaces and they were a HUGE hit!!!
 Some cute little baby stole her mom's phone!
 Love these cute kids!  They don't get to see each other very often, but are best buddies whenever they do get together!
 Great Grandpa Stuart!
 Grandpa and Chloe.  The first time they got to meet each other.  And looks like instant friends!!!  Chloe LOVED his beard!
 Grace will not be found without a book near her side!  She found a nice warm spot in the sun away from all the craziness that is cousins and read her heart out!
 Uncle Josh being Uncle Josh...CRAZY!
 We LOVED seeing Gpa and Gma Beach!  We weren't able to see them this summer so being able to drive for 12 hours to see them was nothing!
 We headed out to Gardener Village one night to see all the witches on display.  This guy was taking one of the horses from the petting area and was giving free rides.  Grace was all over it!  Brady was in heaven too.  Sophie on the other hand was totally shy!

 We printed off a scavenger hunt for the kids to do and we had a blast looking for all the crazy items on the list, not to mention how cool all the witches are.  The kids were so enthralled!

 Grace LOVES to hula-hoop.  And she instantly saw this witch and knew exactly what she was doing.
 Outside the bakery enjoying some yummy cookies from Great-Grandma Lorriane!
 LOVE these kids!

 And the baby blessing!  Gma Beach, Paige, Gpa Beach, Josh and baby Cooper
We had a great time.  It was too short though!  I did manage to get to the farmers market too and brought back fixin's for a batch of salsa!