Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turkey Trot

Sunnyside Elementary School does a fantastic activity right before Thanksgiving break, called the Turkey Trot.  It's a HUGE deal!!!

Each 5th grader is in charge of a group of students made up of 5-6 kids and they all file into the gym and search out their group number.  It's all so exciting!  Then the kids head out to the track to "trot" around the field and see who wins...or something.  I'm actually not totally sure what the point of it all is, except that it's tradition and the kids have a blast!

The parents line the track and cheer on the kids.  They go by grade level and some of the older grades do a couple laps, while the kindergarteners do 1/2 a lap.  

The kids are so cute running, running, running.

Rachael attended the event as class photographer again and laughed with all of the other parents on the sidelines.
 Grace was in group 12
 Sophie has morning kindergarten and they did the trot in the afternoon.  But Miss Hood, her teacher who is sitting behind her, said she could come along with Rachael and trot away.  She is sitting by one of her cute little friends, Trestin.
 2nd Graders getting all pumped up for their turn to run.  The PE teacher, Mr. Peterson, gets them all rowdy and excited for their turn.
 Grace making her way around!  Perfect form!  (Can you see why the parents's hilarious)
 This is what Brady did during the trot...he and Cassia, Trestins' lil' sister climbing fences.
 Here are the Kindergarteners, starting at 1/2 way point!
 GO Sophie!!!
 The girls got medals AND hot chocolate!