Tuesday, December 31, 2013

1st Day of School

August 21st marks the first day of school for the Clegg house!!!

We have some pretty excited kids too!

We are a short enough distance from the school that makes us not eligible for a bus all of us moms on the street take full advantage of that fact and walk the kids to school when the weather is nice!

We have a crew of kids...a herd of kids actually.  Some on bikes, some on scooters, some in strollers and some just in their sneakers!
Just a few of the neighborhood kids

Good Luck sweetie!!!

Notice we don't have any pictures with Grace at the top of the hill...she was too excited when she saw her friends that she just took off!  Sheesh...she barely even said good-bye!
Glad the girls like school that much. 

1st graders learning the line-up routines on the first day!

3rd graders getting all set to head in with Mrs. Koerner

Snapped a quick one of Grace before she could take off again!

Brady started a few days later at Pullman Parks and Rec Preschool. 
His 2nd year.  Big man on campus!!!

Here's to a great year!