Monday, December 30, 2013

A little Camping Adventure

We had to cram one camping weekend into our summer!  We love camping!

We asked around and were told by a couple of friends that Dworshak Reservoir was a great place to go, semi-close to home.

So we booked a spot at Dent Acres, loaded up the car, for one night, and headed out!

It was a really pretty drive to Orofino, where we turned off and headed up a steep, windy, hilly, dirt road to our campground.  I got carsick!  BOO!

We arrived, found our spot and started to set up camp.  After about 5 minutes we realized the BEES were unreal!  They were EVERYWHERE.  We had 3 beehives under our picnic table and shelter.  Before we set up anymore we needed to get rid of them.  So Garrett us the kids and I to the playground while he destroyed the beasts!

While we were playing poor little Brady was stung TWICE.  This was already shaping up to be a disaster!!!  
"See mom, I told you that they would still sting me even if I didn't do anything," he said through tears and tears.  Poor boy!

As you can see the bees or the bee stings were no match for Cleggs!  We cooked up our foil dinners and made s'mores like true campers do!

The gourmet donuts were a HUGE hit in the morning! Chloe didn't even want to waste the time taking bites...she was shoving the whole thing in her mouth!

We tried fishing off the shore near the boat launch in the evening after dinner with NO success.  So we wanted to find a little fishing hole the next morning where we could hopefully catch a few.  While Garrett was tending to the bees, and since the playground was worse than our campsite, I headed up to the ranger station to get some information on hiking in the area.  I found a fantastic little hike that we tried out Saturday morning.

Chloe loved the hiking backpack, which was a huge relief since this was our first try using it.

Finding the perfect hiking stick...or gun, or sword, or bow...whatever little boys need to use it for at the time.  Guess what though...we forgot our fishing gear!  So Garrett left us on the trail to explore while he ran back to camp to grab it.  ROOKIES!

Someone ALWAYS has to go potty...and SOMEONE else always takes a picture of the potty break!

After stalling and taking our time on the trail waiting for daddy to rejoin us, we finally found the perfect little fishing hole!  The reservoir was gorgeous!  And we were the only ones around.  It was perfect!

And each kid got to reel in a fish!  The final fish was actually a last ditch effort as we were packing up...but it was successful and Grace caught her fish!
Here Brady is in his undies again...he's all boy and doesn't care about getting his clothes wet...only complains once they ARE wet...then you have to take them off to dry and he ends up in his underwear!

We did catch 3 fish...but they were TINY!!!

Chloe took a little spill while snacking in her backpack...face plant right into the sand.  She was a good sport about it...I was laughing so hard!  The fruit snacks were goners though!

We had a blast and ended up spending almost 4 hours on our hiking/fishing morning.  The kids were amazing sports and did fantastic on the hike was a shortcut and a little tricky at times.

(July 12-13, 2013)