Sunday, December 29, 2013

School's Out for Summer

June 5th marked the last day of school for the 2012-2013 school year!  
Kindergarten, and 2nd Grade are officially over!
(one more year of preschool for Brady though)

Sophie before her last day of school

Grace before her last day of school

At the drop off point, ready to head down to the school...two little stinkers!
Sophie and her good friend Hayden and Grace.

Hayden's mom, and my good friend, Shannon, pulled off a midnight miracle craft project!
And the kids LOVED running through it!

Miss Hood and her Kindergarten class. Sophie is down front in the middle
Sophie and Miss Hood

On the last day of school the kids had field day.  It was a complete blast!  I was there photographing the event for the memory books.  I captured Sophie and her friend Evan eagerly awaiting the start!

Here is Mrs. Laird's 2nd grade class. Grace is middle left hugging her friend Sehra

Grace and Sehra and field day

One of the fun activities.  Who doesn't love parachutes?!?!  Grace was all smiles all day

Grace and Mrs. Laird

Of course there was frozen yogurt to celebrate the end of a great school year! (I actually ended up here two days in a row, since Kindergarten got out a day before the rest of the school...but who's complaining!?!?)

Our little preschooler!  He will have one more year of preschool before joining the girls at Sunnyside Elementary. Here he is on his last day of preschool!  He is wearing is absolute favorite outfit!  

Brady with Ms. Jean and Ms. Gabbi

(June 2013)