Sunday, December 29, 2013

Utah Trip June 7-15, 2013

Family Reunion in Utah!
We had a great week!

Some of the things we did:
Toured the RS Building on Temple Square
Bonfire and S'mores up Mueller Park Canyon
Sealing Session in the Bountiful Temple
Blow-up Waterslide day
Swimming at the Marsh Pool
Fireworks at the Cabin

Enjoy the pictures!


Sophie and Annie, identical twins from different families.  Best Buddies

The coolest pool EVER!  Complete with two waterslides, grotto, rocks to jump from and a kiddie pool.
There was even a scavenger hunt for fossils hidden in the rocks if you got bored...but who would get bored?  We were hear for a couple of hours and the kids (and adults) could have stayed all day!

Boys and fireworks...need I say more!

Lighting fireworks at the cabin is probably Garrett's favorite part of going to the cabin.  The cabin is in Wyoming, so fireworks are legal anytime.  He hits the same fireworks stand every trip and spends who knows how much!  We usually head down a dirt road and set them off until they are gone!

All the girls were able to go to the MTC on Sunday to listen to Grandma Annie speak to the sister missionaries.  Since Grace is 8, she was old enough to attend.  The dad's stayed home with all the younger children and took them on a picnic to the park.  

Our first ride of the day.  A spooky ride!
It wasn't scary at all and I think we ended up riding it 3 or 4 times

My all-time favorite ride!  Hillary and I went on it and seriously laughed so hard.  I don't know the last time I laughed that hard!  It was so much fun!  A highlight of the day for me!  And I will always remember how much Hillary and I laughed!

Bumper Cars!

The drive home...12 hours.  Let's see if these kids are this happy at the end of that trip!

Couple more things to mention..did you notice the nice shiner that Sophie is sporting in all the is the story:  we left later than we wanted on Friday due to a dance recital.  We were hoping to go all the way, but were tooooo tired. So we decided to stay overnight in McCall.  It was a rough night, to say the least!  4 kids and 2 adults in 2 beds...not happening.  We finally got everyone situated and fell asleep.  Since we were in such close quarters every noise, etc. woke everyone else up.  During the night Sophie fell out of bed.  Which she NEVER does.  I only woke up to a loud crash and her laying on the floor.  She was crying and I quickly grabbed her and threw her in the bed with Garrett.  I jumped in the other bed hoping that no one else would wake up. Luckily everyone stayed asleep.  A couple hours later we were all up.  And took one look at Sophie...HOLY BLACK EYE!  The biggest one I'd ever seen.  Poor girl.

Also...on a scary seems that when we all get together with 15 grandkids there is always sickness.  Colds, runny noses, fevers, coughs, whatever.  This trip was on exception.  Our crew seemed to be the healthiest.  The last day, Garrett had gone fishing with the older girls and I was at the cabin with Brady and Chloe getting organized and packed up.  We were making lunch and I turned to ask Brady what he wanted to eat and realized he was having a seizure.  His temperature was sky high.  A febrile seizure.  It only lasted a few seconds and as soon as we got meds into him his fever came right down.  It was actually the second time this has happened.  It was the worst thing as a parent to witness happening to your child.  Luckily my BIL is a Dr. and could offer advice and care to our sweet Brady.

Overall, a great week.  The kids have decided that Lagoon is happening every time we go to Utah from now on!

Love all these crazy kids!