Monday, July 11, 2011

Camping at Mount Rainier National Park

We spent this past weekend camping at Mount Rainier. It was a blast! The park is only a 2 hour drive from our house, so we loaded up friday afternoon and took off. The campground was great and packed though. Glad that we reserved our site online the week before. We stayed at Cougar Rock Campground. We just hung out by the fire that night and the kids LOVEd sleeping in the tent!

It was a cold night. We had hot cocoa and even built another fire in the morning. But it warmed up to near 70 during the day. We went on three hikes on Saturday. We stayed lower in elevation though because there is still a TON of snow. We did the Carter Falls hike, the Twin Firs hike and the Trail of the Shadows hike...all totalling 3.3 miles of hiking! The kids did great and were totally wiped by the end of the day. We also explored some nearby towns and got a treat during the afternoon on Saturday. We saw some really old, HUGE, trees on the Twin Firs hike. We also crossed the river, during the Carter Falls hike, our longest hike 2.2 miles up the mountain. And we saw some beavers' handiwork on the Trail of the Shadows hike.

We had a great weekend and will for sure be camping again this summer! Enjoy our crazy pictures!

The kids wanted to build a rock statue. We had to cross the river here and it was really scary with the kids. We didn't want anyone to fall in.

At the top of our longest hike. The trail kept going another 4 miles up to Paradise, but we were done after our 1.1 mile uphill trek. I think we are at 3600 feet.
Potty break!!!!

Tough boy!


Alea said...

Awesome pics Rach! Looks like fun!

John said...

How fun!!!! I miss mountains:(

Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

WE enjoyed all the lasted blogs. Keep those kids hiking. Such fun. Love Brady asleep at the fireworks. Great pictures. Love you all.