Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th!

This year the weather on the 4th was fantastic! Last year it rained and we didn't even see any fireworks.

We decided to head to the city of Carnation for the parade in the morning. It was a small town parade, but the kids LOVED the firetrucks and the candy. It is always great to have Garrett in town to do these things with us!
We got there an hour early to be able to get a spot along the route and the kids were MORE than ready for the parade to start...

Brady opened up any candy he could get his hands on...he LOVES sweets (and diet coke)!!!
The kids were perfecting their parade waves here! And the firetruck didn't disappoint either. One super loud HONK!
Brady was glued to the firetrucks!

After the parade we just hung out at home and swam in the sprinkler. Then later that night we were invited to our Bishop's house. His wife is a firework FANATIC. We are talking $$$'s worth of fireworks. So we headed over to their cul-de-sac and watched a super fun home town firework show! Brady was so tired from the day that he fell asleep mid-show! It was a great day!

Happy 4th Everyone!