Friday, December 2, 2011

Cruise to the North Pole

While the Christiansen clan was here for the Holiday weekend we decided to venture a couple hours slightly northeast to a little town called Coeur d'alene. There is a great resort situated right on Lake Coeur d'alene with the world's largest floating boardwalk...among other things.

We heard about a cruise that takes you to the North Pole, so we bought tickets and bundled up for the 40 minute tour. We cruised around the boardwalk, then all the way across the lake to where Santa was. He read off the "nice" list and sure enough...all the kids' names were on there!

On the way home the kids wrote letters to Santa. They turned out SOOOOO cute. I couldn't bring myself to turn them in to his elves on the ship though. I am saving them!
Grace & Rudolph!
Brady & Rudolph! (Sophie was a little too nervous to pose with Rudolph)

Santa and one of his elves reading the names off. We all stood out on the bow of the boat while we got close to the "North Pole." The kids really liked it!
There is something like a million or so lights all around the boardwalk and the other side of the lake...these are just a few of them. It was fun!

Here are some pics of the kids writing their letters. They concentrated so hard. Soph needed a little help, but not Grace. She knew what she wanted!

Hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!