Friday, December 2, 2011

WE have a 7 year old!

Grace turned 7 over the weekend, so we had a little party for her while her cousins were here. She chose chocolate cupcakes with hershey's kisses in the middle (which were delicious) and we sang to her and opened presents.

She asked for some chapter books she could read by herself. So I chose the first 4 books in the Magic Treehouse series. She is doing great reading them. I love to hear her read out loud!
Brady picked out a lego star wars ship for her...he and Sophie were WAY more excited to put it together than Grace. Sophie was trying to sneak it away and open it by herself more than once. (As you can tell Sophie is even in the picture)
Sophie picked out Connect 4. It's a little intense for them, but they are getting it. They love to watch the chips all fall out the bottom.
CUTE kids! Happy Birthday Grace!

(PS Thanks go to Grandma Beach for the little kids picnic has been used for so many's PERFECT!)

Here is a short video of Grace reading her Birthday Card from G&G Clegg. We saved the card for her and opened it that this is of her reading it for the first time. She is getting to be a great little reader! (And thanks Grandma Annie for the non-cursive writing!!!)


Presidente y Hermana Clegg said...

We loved everything but wow, to see and hear her read so well. Precious!! Way to go Grace. Cute families!!!