Friday, December 2, 2011


Thanksgiving this year for our family was full of things to be thankful for...mostly to Hillary and Rob for making the trek from SLC to spend the weekend here with us. It was so great to have family to spend the day with!

The kids had a blast being together. They played football, soccer, LEGOS (actually this was the activity of choice for the was a HUGE distraction for them!), and they put on a music concert for us! It was so much fun!

Here is the kids table for dinner. I made rainbow jell-o cups for the kids and that was a HUGE hit...a way bigger hit than the turkey that's for sure.
Here is the spread. Mashed potatoes, gravy, bacon-wrapped green beans, wild rice, rolls, turkey, artichoke heart stuffing, spinach salad and the turkey of course! It was delicious. We had sparkling cider to top it off and then finished the day with pumpkin and chocolate cream pies. DELICIOUS!

I hate black friday shopping, but for some reason Garrett was all about going this year. So we put the kids to bed and Hillary and Rob hung out at the house while we ventured to WALMART for some deals. People are CRAZY. But we got some great stuff and were back home in bed before 11.

It was a great day!
Cute Cam!


Hillary said...

Thanks for having us that picture makes me crave that meal again!