Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!

The whole crew spent the day up in Eden at the home of Garrett's sis, Nikki Ashton.  We went to Liberty Days and chased chickens!  Ellie was so cute and painted the kids faces.  It was so hot!  We picnic'd, ran through the sprinklers and had rides in the wagon.

Thanks Ashton's for a great day!

Liberty through a very old school celebration and these sheep were part of the muttin bustin festivities...where kids see how far they can travel riding on the back of them.  It was hilarious.  None of our crew was brave enough to try it.  The chicken chase was more their style (even though no one caught one). Grace did touch the chicken though.

Brady chasing the chickens (He is wearing a dark blue shirt, 4th kid from the right)
Sophie's turn. (She is wearing a dark pink skirt and light pink shirt running in from the left side)
And here is Grace (She has jean shorts and a pink shirt, 6th from the left, roughly)
Doing the slip and slide!  They LOVED it!
Daddy took the kids fishing (one of his favorite things EVER to do)

And we spent the rest of the day in the pool!  Brady got some swimming lessons from his cousin Sam and was LOVING diving for torpedos.  He would let Garrett just push him under.  Swim lessons here we come!

Grandpa took the kids for a ride around the yard!  Seriously fun memories! We ate some great food and had a great day being together.  We were all wiped out that night and slept GREAT!