Sunday, July 29, 2012


As part of our 3 week vacation we tagged along with Garrett to San Diego.  We spent a few days together before he had to work and hit the sites!

Our first stop: LEGOLAND!!!

I had heard amazing we braved the crowds and had a blast!

Although I have to tell you:  WE LOST BRADY!!!!  Yup, for something that felt like a hour, but was really only 15 minutes or so...but the longest 15 minutes of my life!  We found him, or I should say another mom noticed him alone and turned him in to the security team at the park.  He was at the other end of the park from where we were...seriously every parents' nightmare.  He was safe and sound and we had a great rest of the day...after a loooong talk about not letting go of our hands.

The kids LOVED the rides...and there were a ton of rides.  Grace was tall enough to ride them all.  Sophie could ride them all as long as Garrett or Grace rode with her. Brady on the other hand could only ride a few.  Maybe that is why he took find a ride he could go on!  We rode rollercoasters, slid down waterslides, drove cars, and saw tons of legos!  The kids now LOVE rollercoasters.
Chloe was a champ!  She spent a lot of time in her carseat, but was happy and sweet!

Our favorite legos were, BY FAR, Star Wars.  They had huge statues, mini sets and even Darth Vader.  Our kids love Star Wars movies and know all the names and stories.  It was so fun!

Here is a sampling of the statues.  There were 10 or so different characters.  Brady insisted taking his picture by all of them.  (don't worry though I only put this one of him)  He was hilarious!

Brady totally did this pose all on his own!  He LOVES Darth Maul, who knows why since we haven't seen his movie ever, and wanted his picture with him.
I rode the biggest coaster with the girls.  We waited in line 45 mins but ask the girls if it was worth it...OH YEAH!!!
We also played a carnival fishing game. We have a mini version of this at home and they thought this extra extra extra large version was awesome!  They each won a stuffed animal...a perfect souvenir!

Sophie and Brady got to drive lego cars.  Grace did too, but she could drive the real go-carts, so Garrett took here there while I waited with these two.  ALL SMILES!
It was a great day!  Surprisingly not crowded at all for a Saturday.  And even though we had a major scare losing our little guy...we will for sure be back!